Wednesday, April 29, 2009

making some decorations today...

Happy Wonderful Wednesday my sweet bloggy friends,
Wednesdays are always a day off work for me.. I usually get things done for myself in the morning, have breakfast with some friends, and then off to run my errands.. I promised myself today I would come home and start sewing up some more decorations.. I use these for Easter, and than Christmas, for my "pink prettys"tree..I either make these out of socks, for the bodies, or buy them already made up, and then I embellish them all with drippy pearls,and beads,pretty eyes, and lace trimmings, add old found jewelry.. and whaalaaa.. they're already to go..I think they are the sweetest.. My little bunnies are always soo excited once I get them fixed up .. It changes their whole personality..hahaha..What girlie girl doesn't LoVe getting all dolled up !! What's soo funny, I do not sew at all !! I wish I knew how.. These are done all by hand, and I just kinda wing it !! If you can believe it, when my daughter was young, she got me into doing this with her.. Now, it's mainly me.. She has bigger and better things she has to do.. I still cherish all the ones we've made together, and the time we shared and talked while making these.. I'm sure tho, one day, she'll want to make some more with Momma !! It's soo fun, so I have my sewing box out and ready to go, soo when I get back home, I'm all set to make some pretty bunnies.. Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, creative day at some point.. Put a smile in your heart..blessings and hugs as always..~~tea~~xo


  1. Your bunnies are precious! That is so sweet that you and your daughter made some together. Y'all both will always remember that.
    Have a great day!
    Lee Laurie

  2. What a positively wonderful memory to share with your daughter. One day, perhaps your granddaughter. I love the bunnies. You already knew that though didn't you? :) I love how the sit into the sock. How quietly talented you are. I love them!!

  3. Adorable Bunnies.... They are so Girlie!!

  4. tea, those bunnies are so sweet. I love how you have dolled them up! A little bling brings out their personalities.
    Blessings to you! Mary

  5. I adore your creations!! Very pretty and super cute!!
    Hope you have a FAB weekend!!