Sunday, April 26, 2009

my sweeet apothecary jars...

Hello my sweet bloggy friends,
Hoping all of you had a wonderful,blessed Sunday.. I just got home from Church this evening, and was in the mood to clean and refill my jars.. I just LoVe apothecary jars of any kind.. Any shape or size.. They have so many uses.. I always have mine filled with well..uumm..PiNk candies of all sorts.. I add other colors just for "splash".. I have these scattered all about..and LoVe the look of all their sizes and shapes grouped together..I think I just LoVe candy dishes, cuz I sure have alot out and about, now that I'm looking.. It's soo fun, when my litttle nieces and nephews, and other kids come over, cuz their little sweet eyes, just dance when they see all the candy..and of course they leave with little bags full..Every season calls for new colored candy.. in the meantime, there's all my favorite color in these.. I know.. I know..over the top again, but, I just can't help myself.. Doesn't candy just keep us sweeet anyways.. I'm not hurting anything.. right.. my girlie girls.. just making things pretty..LoVe to always share with you, and LoVe when I get to visit each of you, and you share with mee.. You ALL inspire me in soo many ways.. Blessings to each of you, and hoping you all have a wonderful, stress free week !! Big hugs as always ~~tea~~xo


  1. Your candies and your jars are sweet!! I bet the kids do adore getting to visit and their little eyes probably light up!! Mine would!! It's funny, I was out thrifting and saw a lot of fun little jars and instantly thought of you and your pink candies, so you inspire us too girlie girl!! Have a great Monday! ♥ Teresa

  2. i love reading your blog, you always put a smile to my face. i wish i lived close by so i could share in some of those sweet treats. your house is filled with gorgeous treasures.

  3. Good Morning. I love your candy jars and you filled them up with the prettiest candies. My Aunt Jenny has an old fashioned country kitchen done in all red,green, and yellow. She has the whole length of her counter top lined up with old timey candy jars filled with old fashioned candies. She uses peppermints,gum drops,candy sticks,lolly pops,etc. All of the kids love going to her house! It looks like a candy shop!

    I love your home!
    Lee Laurie

  4. Hi Ya!
    Your jars are beautiful!! I too Love all kind of jars & little boxes too!!
    Have a great day!

  5. I would never be able to stay on my BORING DIET if I lived by you, sweet Tea! When my Miss K visits I have to send Mr.AGPMan to the store every single time. Then I send her treats home with her which makes her daddy NUTSO! I love to torment him!

    xoxo Love you Girl../Reb

  6. Hi Tea, I love your beautiful apothecary jars and how you have them filled and displayed! I have them everywhere in my home also and I also have all the candy sitting around. Ha....aren't we a mess?

    All your little goodies are so sweet!!

    Hugs and blessings this beautiful day, Barb

  7. Oh my gosh i'm addicted to salt water taffy. It's a very big deal in the New England area which is where i'm originally from. Not so much out here in the midwest. Are those malted eggs. My hubs loves malted anything. I can't keep candy like this in the house so much. It simply would not stay in a jar. MMMM... what a lovely way to start of the week. With sweetness!

  8. You certainly know how to draw a gal in...! The jars are a wonderful collection of eclectic jars which you turned into deliciously gorgeous :-)!

  9. tea, I found your blog from Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts. You both have the most beautiful pictures of your homes and treasures. I am so glad I found your blogs. I never get enough of looking at pretty, romantic, vintage homes and you and Rebecca have the best! I have been looking and looking at your pretty vintage home. Have a wonderful evening!!