Friday, March 6, 2009

WHAT,, PINK food products...

Hello to all my seet pink friends.. Just something short and sweet today.. YIPPEE it's Friday!! That's always a wonderful thing to meee !!! Besides my obsession with pink and roses.. I get sooo excited when I find pink wrapped goodies..See my pink and cream striped popcorn bag..sweet vintage picture on it as well.. pink sparkling lemonade.. and always always pink candies in my dishes and bowls.. If they're pink hearts, even better ..Even the bowls I store in the fridge are some shade of pink.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE opening the fridge and seeing pink.. Is this crazy and obsessive.. or hopefully just fun.. Please tell me, there is others out there that by something because of what it's packaged in... At least I openly confess my pink sins....hahahaha.. Oh well, til next boggers..Have a happy, blessed. creative, FUN friday...xxoo hugs ~tea~


  1. There are no such things as pink sins. No no no.. only pink... um... virtuous pink things. Look at the kettle corn bag... what i'd give for that!!! Awesome really. I used to eat these candies, can't recall the name.. they had brown, white and pink with coconut. I thought about getting some of those for my clear jar.. but the brown is just too brown... oh well, I coudl eat them. So pretty Tea!

  2. I agree, no such thing as a pink sin, oh my word no! lol Such fun products, wish we had more of that Down Under. Have a lovely weekend Tanza!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. tea, you make me smile girlfriend. I always thought I was a pink nut....but I can't keep up with you. You are the Pink Queen...have to admit, I love it.

    Keep smiling, Barb

  4. *snap* clicked my fingers and i am sitting on that chair eating all those items in pink!! oh how i wish that were true. love love love it alllllllll.
    %^_^% rosey

  5. I love all of your pink goodies! How sweet!? My eyes are attracted to pink when I am out shopping at the grocery too! I just bought pink and yellow icing to use on cupcakes soon! My little boy loves to help me bake. I don't know what he will say about the pink icing!

  6. Oh my... I just discovered your blog Tanza while blog hopping and I am thrilled to bits to meet another fellow blogger who loves the same pink, shabby and cottagy decor that I do. I'm drooling in envy over all of your gorgeous handpainted items, especially the kitchen stuff. Can't wait to come back and visit you again!!

  7. As you can tell by my shop products, I'm a nut for pink too, Tea!! I promise, you definitely have friends living in your "Pink World"!!! lol... I even belong to a group called "Make Mine Pink"!!! tee-hee-hee! I just can't get enough! Pink goes with everything... I especially love Aqua as a companion~
    I so love your pink polka dot bowls too!! I polka dot everything I create, someone please stop me!

    From one Bluebird lover to another, warm wishes for a "Pink Perfect Weekend"...

    Big Hugs,

  8. Oh Tanza!!! I am the very same way!! It must be pink candies!!! I have a gumball machine in my kitchen that is pink and MUST be full of pink M&M's :) Thank you for telling me where you got the bowls!! I LOVE pink and white polka dots so much!!! I love your blog!!


  9. Hi Tanza, boy was i behind on your posts but managed to catch up on them this morning. Love all your pink food ideas. Imagine opening the fridge and seeing them all in there. Way too pretty to eat. Thought the photo of you and your son was gorgeous. I just cannot imagine my son turning 14, he is 6 and such a joy. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh i see you tagged me as well don't know if i am suppose to do anything there - but thankyou - It's nice to know I inspire some people. Sandy xo