Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pretty.. PINK..rose fabric..rag quilt..

Hi my PINK sweet ladies..Hope you all had a splendid, happy, Saturday..I sure did !! Went to Old Towne Orange, andI bought some Fabulous treasures today.. In fact, I was with a girlfriend, and had to go get my truck to get my BIG treasure home.. Oh my !! When I get my sweet cabinet "Sugareypink" too..all set up, I will of course share pictures.. AND, when I got home, a package was on my doorstep from You should see what she made me, a beautiful sewn rag quilt.. Just gorgeous, and it matches my pink rose lovin' home perfectly.. My pictures aren't as good as hers, BUT visit Tammy to see more lovely ones for you.. It really is Beautiful, and smells so mmm..yummy.. Already to cuddle up with.. Can't wait to do that in a bit..Truly a work of art.. Thank you Tammy.. She used soo many fabulous rose fabrics on the front, and the back is entirely Mary Rose..I'm in PINK rose heaven tonite.. Okay, my sweet friends, more coming to show you soon.. Have a blessed, Super, hopefully creative Sunday.. Hugs, ~tea~xo


  1. Oh Tea ~ I am so happy your pleased with your quilt. It was my absolute pleasure to do this for you and I was blessed to have you visit me for it. I love to do custom work as it is very personal to each person. You were a pleasure to create for and I couldn't be more happy that you are pleased. And, knowing she made it safely to you. I always worry about the journey. Enjoy it with a good book and a hot tea!! God has truly blessed me with a quiet comfort in my soul lately that I was longing for & you've been a part of that comfort. Your spirit is so genuine and kind, it moves me to no words appropriate enough so i'll say simply, Thank you!

  2. Oooppss.. I misspelled Miss Tammys' email...It's astitchinthyme.. Silly me, I get so excited when I write sometimes, I need to spell check..Soo sorry Tammy.. hugs ~tea~

  3. That is beautiful!!! Tammy did a beautiful job!!! So soft, pink and dreamy. Can't wait to see your sugarey pink cabinet when you're done and all the yummies it will hold!!! Have a sweet Sunday.

  4. Your rag quilt is so beautiful! Tammy did such an amazing job! I love it! I'm going over to her site to check it out! Can't wait to see your pink cabinet!

    Lee Laurie

  5. Hmm, I have been eyeing Tammy's quilts also, but I thought they were all baby blankets. Is yours a lap blanket, if so, I am next in line.
    Your quilt is beautiful and fits quite nicely with your home.