Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pretty Blingey Cottagey Store...

Hello to all my sweet lady friends,
I have to share with you where I went today.. It was the Spring show at Debra's Cottage in Costa Mesa.. This is the biggest shoppe I've ever been to, and you all know how many I visit.. It's a big warehouse turned Cottage boutique, and boy, you could spend a day in here !! So many pretty areas to visit, and believe me when I say, something for every taste..This store has been featured in Romantic Homes a few times, and advertised always in there..There is so much eye candy, and each display is simply charming.. I've tried to show you a few of my favorite booths in here..But, there really is soo many.. The ladies who work in here, are so wonderful and sweet.. For those of you familiar with "Old Towne Orange" Sara, from the Orange Mercantile, has a few booths in here now.. So good to see and talk to her..Alot of familiar shoppe owners have spaces here.. It was a wonderful outing today, and I did grab up some treasures.. I was thrilled to get some old lace and linens too, for a fairly good price.. Hope you enjoy looking, and if you are ever down this way, you have to stop in and say hello.. So worth the effort.. Hoping you're all enjoying your Super, Saturday, and soo hope your able to fit in something fun to do.. Soo good for the soul.. Don't you think ?! Blessings to each of you this very day.. Big,Big hugs ~tea~xo


  1. LOVE IT ALL! We are going there when I come, RIGHT??????

    xoxo to the moon, Reb

  2. It looks like so much fun! So many pretty things! I would get in trouble in that store!

    Lee Laurie

  3. dreamy dreamy dreamy shops!!! I bet that lifted your mood right up today.
    ♥ Teresa

  4. i love dropping by your blog, it really is blogaliscious! i wish i could teleport myself there right now. our local market has a few more shabby chic stalls popping up so today was a lovely stroll round the markets an i even picked up a baragain as well. have a great week ahead
    %*_*% rosey

  5. Honey needs to get another job!!! LOL... That is a marvelous store indeed. What did you get? Where are the pictues? And why are you keeping us in suspense? hmmmmmm....

    I love the floral pics in the background on the first photo. I would do that using tin as a frame. Nice.

  6. I do love my small town, but I miss my favorite San Antonio junking, antique shops. Your store is unbelievable...thanks for entertaining me (I blew up every pic and studied all the "pretties") on this rainy, chilly Georgia Saturday.:-)

  7. Hi tea, the pictures are absolutely divine!!! I love, love the bedding in the first one.

    I was telling my husband about you and your love of pink. He just smiled and said, "you pink girls are always attracted to one another." hehheh....he is right though!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!


  8. What a pretty store..I could spend a whole day in there for sure!!