Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Spring bunnies...

Hello to all of you sweet friends this evening.. Okay..okay..I'm a little early, BUT, I am soo ready for Spring..My bunnies are getting ready too.. I wanted to show you these.. My picture taking leaves a little bit to be desired.. I soo tried tho.. They are all dressed in vintage lace and old vintage parts of wedding dresses..I so wish you could see better. They hang real long and they have slips on,bows and pretty head pieces.. I just Love them, and thought I would introduce you to my bunny friends.. I've always loved bunny's and have quite the collection of these.. Just need a reason to bring 'em out.. Spring time, so what better time?! Hope you enjoy, and wishing you all a very restful, quiet, little creative time (maybe) evening.. Always enjoy visiting you all.. Blessings to each of you and big hugs, ~tea~xo


  1. Okay so you knew this would bring me in to see you!! I LOVE bunnies. I'm currently trying to track down pretty pics and such to use on my blog. I love your bunnies. When I get time enough to make clothes for my bunnies I will eventually have them all displayed or I will put them in tea dyed clothing. Dress them with pretty beads and ribbon. Oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing your bunnies. One can never get enough.

  2. Your bunnies are so cute and their clothes are beautiful. I just love lace! It is about that time to get out the bunnies. I am getting my Easter stuff out tonight......I think I might need a little more. I love all the vintage looking Easter decorations. It was so hot today I think spring is almost here. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

  3. OHHH, they're adorable tea!!! You really should give these pretties a home year round!!! They are just gorgeous!!! ♥ Teresa

  4. i have three bunnies of my own that would love your three bunnies!! i just love the vintage clothes,perfect

  5. Your bunnies are so pretty! I love that you used old lacey wedding dresses to make their little dresses! Just perfect!

    Lee Laurie

  6. Hi Tea, they are soooo adorable! I love bunnies too...there is just something so sweet about them.

    Are you feeling better and less hurried than you did last week? I sure hope so.