Sunday, March 8, 2009

My new found "sugarey pink"treasure...

Hello all my sweet friends.. Okay "the reveal,"Soo here it is !! I have to say I "copy catted" my sweet bestest friend Rebecca, she came home with one of these a couple days ago, and showed me a picture.. I had to have one like that !! So, this Saturday, I went treasure hunting with a couple friends.. We all found wonderful finds, BUT, we didn't have room for my treasure, I went home and put it in my truck..I am in LOVE with this.. Mine was in great shape, and already painted a sugareypink, can you believe it.. It was at one time painted green, and this shows through in places.. It really looks lovely, and I am thrilled to the moon with it !!! I was told they put these in homes in the kitchen corners to hold extra food and dishes, since there was not room to store much in those rooms.. The lady whose booth I bought from says they are from the 30's-40' most of these older homes..I LOVE how they did the lovely frame work around the edges.. It's very heavy, and the back of it shows where it was a built in.. Amazing.. I put before, I decorated and then after.. I hope you love it as much as I do !! Don't you think all my pretty painted vintage items from Sweet Rebecca look wonderful on it !! It kinda all just blends.. I've already added and taken away from it, so, I'm sure I'll be playing with it the next few days..I'm always sooo excited to find a "PERFECT" for me piece of the past.. Happy treasure hunting to all you sweet friends.. More soon.. hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Absolutely beautiful Tea, and chock full of sugarey goodness!! I adore it and it looks great with all your treasures. I love the scrollwork and always wonder what kind of life it had before too!! Have fun, I'm sure you'll change it numerous times, that's part of the fun!!! Love it!! Have a great day!

  2. Tea love your find. Isn't it great when you find something that you just love love love. I found one very similiar to yours but does not have all the scroll work. I have mine in the bathroom with goodies on it. They fit nicely into any corner. I'm sure you will have lots of fun playing with this piece. Sandy x

  3. How perfect, Tea. It looks very pretty with all of your goodies on it. You didn't even have to paint it! LOL I love it when I find something perfect for me and my little cottage. The 'hunt' is so much fun!

  4. It is perfect for you! And already painted...what a blessing. Taking a truck to Market Days is dangerous...but if one happens upon that perfect thing we just can't live without (or just don't want to) it is pretty handy.
    Have a fun week playing with your new find, Candy

  5. Tea, wow, it is absolutely perfect. Furniture built during this era will last well made.

    It is just lovely and I know what you mean about 'playing' with it. Isn't that just the best?!

    So glad you found excited for you. Have a wonderful day!!!!


  6. Aww... this is quite lovely for sure. And pink already. I would love to find at least one of these for our new home as every single square inch will need to be fully utilized. That's the thing about cottage living, small on space big on comfort. I'm having to adapt my whole way of thinking and cabinets like this one will certainly come in handy.

  7. So pretty Tanza. What a lucky find for you. I would be thrilled to pieces to find something as wonderful for myself. Maybe someday. Have fun decorating your new corner shelf.

  8. I soooooo wish the vintage cabinet I found last week was already painted and ready to go! :( Mine is going to take a bit of work! ACK! I suppose that is WHY I got it for such a great price, huh?

    Simply SWEET, Sweet it all! You go girl. Now I'm for REAL wondering if your house is YOUR HOUSE or MY HOUSE!

    xoxolove you most...Reb

  9. Oh Tea, Your corner hutch is a "Scrumptious Confection"!! And the added bonus of it already painted, is the icing! I love it, and adore vintage furniture with a coat of white.. Painting shows off the character of a piece so beautifully! You'll have years of enjoyment, showcasing all of your "pretties"~
    Thanks so much for stopping by, I truly enjoy your comments,they always make me smile~

  10. What a gorgeous piece, I love it....and I want one! lol I also love how you've decorated it Tanza, so beautiful!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  11. I love your corner cabinet...what a lucky gal you are :-). You have dressed it beautifully.