Friday, March 20, 2009

more pretties to share...

Hello to all you pinky peeps today.. YIPPEE !!! It's officially SPRING..Can you tell ?! Hope the sun is shining down on all of you.. I know soo many of you are so tired of the cold.. I can't even imagine, since I'm planted in Sunny Southern Ca..Don't get much cold.. I'm one who loves to always feel the warmth of the sun, and my mood is soo much more happy when the sun is shining..
Just thought I would share some pretties to add pink and sparkle to your day.. I did happen to show you some more jars in the kitchen, don't know if you can tell, but what ever is in them has to be pink or "part pink"..hahaha.. notice the pastel pasta, I have one with pink pasta hearts from Valentines'.. Spring is a good time to stock up on pink pasta.. OMgosh, tell me, I need to get a life..Ooohhh Nooo, don't say that, I have to be always chasing something pink..That is my life !!! hahaha.. I LOVE when you all make sure I notice when your showing PINK on your blog.. Soo exciting.. I'm still not over all Barbs' pink milk glass, to die for..She has way more than meee.. Can you believe it ?! Well, I'm wishing and hoping you all have a very blessed, fun day, and terrific week-end.. God is good, and keep looking up !! Blessings and hugs.. ~tea~xo


  1. Happy Spring to you Tea!!!

    You are so lucky to live in California!
    Oh the warmth is so welcoming for me!! Thank goodness my little part of the world is beginning to experience the sweet chirping of birdies, I had my first Robin sighting and the days are getting warmer & warmer here too!..ahhh!!

    Oh my goodness, I would love to spend a few hours with you, enveloped in Pink!! I adore pink also, you can never have enough I always say!! Your kitchen looks darling with your pink pasta, gorgeous cake plate and to die for jars!!!

    Warmest Wishes for the most perfect weekend Tea!!!

    Big hugs to you~

  2. Southern California!!....I would Love to live in San Francisco!! Some place, any place warm!!
    Love, Love, Love all the pink!!
    Until Later.......

  3. Oh T, I love that cross hanging from your clear bottle in the last picture.. your candlesticks are lovely too. I can't imagine you having a square inch in your home.. do you? LOL... if it makes you happy to fill it with things you love however, who cares. ENJOY them all!!

    Cold.. my fingers are purple and it's 55 degrees out. Side effects.. oy i'm freezing. You lucky little thang you... out there where the sun always shines. Oh wait, it's shining on me now and I'm STILL cold.

  4. Happy Spring Tanza! I love, love all of your pink-ness, every lil bit of it......and your laundry from the last post is just delicious! This winter I am going to be painting my laundry room (too hot to paint in the summer here). I can't wait to get it done! Wishing you a lovely weekend sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. Oh Tanza,

    I just love all of your wonderful pinks, right down to the pasta. Pink is my favorite color as well and it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who is a little obsessed with it.

    Happy Spring!!

  6. the bottle in the last photo is to die for! love all your pink things wish they were mine... i have pink envy.

  7. Good Evening Tea!! LOL! (pink peeps) way cute and gave me a giggle!!!! I adore all your pink pretties!!!! I love seeing what you have to share with us. Pink always makes my day!!! Hope your weekend is lovely!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  8. Hi Tea, I love your pink are too cute.

    I'm getting ready to post my Pink Saturday in a little bit. You need to be a part of this. Click on the button in my sidebar for information. You would be perfect!!!!

    Hugs, Barb

  9. Love Pink! Pink! Pink!
    I to think you should be part of the Pink Saturday!
    Everyone who loves pink, would love to see your pink wonderful Treasures!
    Debbie Moss

  10. So many pretty pinks. You can never have too much pink. Love it. I love your pasta jar. Are you a part of PINK SATURDAY?
    Have a wonderful weekend.