Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mmm...pretty pink jars...

Hello my sweet lady friends.. Hope you've all had a terrific day.. I can't believe it's almost Wednesday already.. Where do the days go ?! Well, as you can imagine, I'm still playing with my pretty cabinet.. I LoVe getting new-found treasures..I had some of my sweet "painted sugarey pink "jars, that Rebecca,from a gathering place has made up for me out and about,so I thought I would share.. I have an obsession for vintage or vintage reproduction type jars, they are soo sweet, filled with my favorite pink candys, or pink sugar,anything pink..they're is something so yummy about them.. These are just little ones I have around, I don't want you to EveN see all the large ones in my kitchen, filled with pink cookies, and snacks.. You would think I was really "over the top"and maybe need to seek professional help..hahaha.. Like I've said, at least I admit to my compulsion ?! Hope you enjoy sneaking a peak of more.. It all makes me sooo happy, and well, tickles my lil' heart.. Wishing you a restful, peaceful evening.. more soon.. hugs to you ~tea~xo


  1. OMGosh.. i had a post going and lost it. I love your jars. When my business picks up i'm going to be buying some of rebecca's jars and her bunnies.

    I see bunnies in your picture. I see two bunnies. I LOVE bunnies. ADORABLE. I also lice your lace scarf. It looks a bit tea dyed no? Or is it a shade of pink? Lovely none the less.


  2. I just stopped over from Rebecca's blog...what a pretty blog you have. I'll be visiting again - I've added you to my FAV blogs list!!


  3. Tammy,
    Gosh, you have good eyes girl, there is two bunnies all dressed in vintage lace, and the same lady that makes those, does those tea-stained lacey doiles.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything lacey.. hugs ~tea~

  4. Beautiful as always! Gosh I'd love to go shopping with you! Have a wonderful day sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. As usual Tea, those are beauties!! I am going to have to check out Rebecca's Shop!! You're her best advertisement!! LOL and you KNOW there's never too much pink, as long as it makes us happy right? Right!! ;) Have a beautiful Wednesday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. Tea, I love these litle jars. So pretty and pink! And so use ful too! I would love to see the ones that you were talking about in your kitchen! Have a great day!

  7. Hi Tea! I love your jars...I am a jar fan myself. In fact, I love anything made of glass. Just magical!

    I know you are having fun. So glad.

    Smiles, Barb!!!!!!

  8. Hi Tanza, I love coming over your blog, its always so cheerful, and uplifting for me.

    I love jars too, but I wish I had my lids painted like yours.

    It's always a delight being here!! See ya soon.

  9. OHHH they are just stunning!!! GORGEOUS!! Pop over to my blog Ive done a post that will make you chuckle!! Snap makes three!!