Wednesday, March 18, 2009 laundry too..oohh nooo..

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Wednesday, and hopefully you were able to do something fun, that makes you feel good today !! I was home pretty much all day, just cleaning and doing laundry, when I thought..I should show you all , my pink laundry room, with pink ironing board and pink iron.. Can't find pink starch, but mine smells like lavender, soo that's still good..right..Do you notice the pink wooden clothes pins, and painted wooden hangers from sweet Rebecca, and all my shelves,and pink metal utility box full of dryer softner papers, she painted pretty too.. Can you stand all this.. I just can't get enough pink and roses, and it really makes all my chores soo much more pleasant when I see pretty..Now, you really might think I've jumped off the edge.. to pink heaven .... ooohhh my, what if I ever tire of this ?! That's not possible is it girls ?!!! Nooooo... Love to each of you today, and many blessings I hope.. big big hugs ~tea~xo


  1. Your laundry room is beautiful. No you can never have too much pink! I love your pink iron. Have a great Thursday.

  2. Love your pink laundry room!!! We could never tire of pink!! It makes everything better. Love your clothespins, they are adorable!! (The starch looks best thing to pink) LOL. Have a Happy Day!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. having three girls means pink is our way of life!! i love it all, live loud and proud i say :) thanks for visiting my blog you make me feel good.

  4. Oh my gosh I see blue! LOL. I have been thinking on how I will my laundry room as well. Have not worked it out in my head. But your is very pretty and of course there is always R in your rooms. Very Pretty T!

  5. This is the 'prettiest pink' laundry room!! I didn't even know that they made pink irons! How perfect! And of course Rebecca's roses add the perfect touch! Everything is beautiful!

    Lee Laurie

  6. Tanza, You really are a pinky girl all the way. Where the heck did you get the pink iron? - leave it to you to find one.

    I do appreciate Rebecca's work. I have always admired her great wonderful taste thru ebay, and now that she has a blog, its even better to see her share her beautiful home with us.

    By the way, stop on over to my site, and you will find some great pinks today.

    Have a great pinky day my friend!!

  7. Hi my sweet pink friends,
    I got the iron at Target.. They sell alot of pink there.. Also, anything you want "pink", can be found on believe me, I have found everything in pink.. Even, mixers, cuisinart kitchen aid mixer. cutting boards, utencils, mixing bowls.. EVERYTHING, sooo show meeee what you get in PINK.. I get sooo excited.. Doesn't anything jadite go wonderful with pink too...mmmmmm.. Share with me...Big pink hugs to you all !!! ~tea~xo

  8. Dear Tea...

    How much $ do I owe you this week for the Advertising? LOL LOL LOL :) :) :) You are one HYSTERICAL PINK ROSE LOVIN' LADY! You make me smile.

    What is the most amazing to me is that you have products from every stage of my painting experience. You have more than I do! I don't have much of my older stuff because I've repainted OVER IT! Just had to!

    I love all your pink things and I'm off to snag me a pink iron TODAY!

    You are such a beacon of light to me.

    Love, Reb

  9. I just found your blog thru another blog!! OMGoodness, I Love all things Pink & Cottage Decorating too!! Just Love your Blog!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  10. I to just found your blog!
    Its so girly and pink!
    Love It! Love It! Love It!
    Debbie Moss

  11. Hi Tea, love your laundry room. It looks great and so fresh.

    Be sure to check my Pink Saturday will be my very, very pink sitting room. I want YOU to see it.


  12. Ahhh, pink what would we do without that color? Cute, cute laundry room, how delightful it must be to do your laundry. I'd love to be able to go to Debra's Cottage, I'd just need help carrying it all out. hUGS, Rosemarie

  13. Rose clothespins? How fun!! And how beautiful. You ladies who paint pink roses amaze me. I thought Rebecca at A Gathering of Thoughts was the only one! Enjoying your blog.