Sunday, March 29, 2009

have you ever seen an old tea service table...

Hello on this glorious, sun shiny day in California.. Hope it is where you are today as well.. The sun makes me happy, and so much more energetic..I wanted to share with you ,all my"pinky peeps", my tea service table.. Have you ever seen or heard of these ?! My cousin, who has everything, is the first one to own one of these that I know.. When I saw hers I had to have one... I hunted for 2-3 yrs.., had almost forgotten about it, when I walked into a friends sweet shoppe, and this table greeted me at the front door.. she said "buy mee", and of course I flipped, and left with her in my truck.. "gotta have a truck"..hahaha..My friend had bought her the day before at an estate sale, cleaned her up, and she was waiting for meee..There is beveled glass all around, the door swings open I have pretty dishes and such inside, and a pretty lamp, so you can see inside at night.. Sweeet !!! The table on top lifts off, as a serving tray (for tea).. You can see I don't lift this off ever cuz it's covered in pretties.. (cluttered), but I LoVe my clutter.. I've now admitted this.. I LoVe to look at beautiful things.. It's a sickness and I admit to this.. Isn't this the first step to recovery.. admitting guilt or problem..hahaha..BUT, I can't help it !!! What a joy to find something that you've been on the hunt for !! Hope you all are having a wonderful day, creating, and making everything beautiful !! Maybe you're out treasure hunting right now..Have a blessed, happy, super Sunday..Keep looking up and around you for all your blessings, They're always right in front of our faces.. hugs to each of you, ~tea~xo


  1. Beautiful!! What a great tea service table and I am so glad to know you finally found one after searching for years.

  2. What a stunning vignette!! I could see it in my own home... LOL!!
    Have a great evening!

  3. Beautiful!!! I don't believe I've ever seen one, and if I did, it certainly wasn't as beautiful as yours!!! All of your pretties look beautiful and at home in it and on it. Enjoy your beautiful sunny day today!!! I just love this time of year.
    ♥ Teresa

  4. I love this little tea table. I saw one at an antique store one time but I didn't know what it was for. I guess I thought it was a small curio. That is so neat that it has a removable tray on top. All of your things look beautiful with it. I had to work today after church so I didn't get to go thrifting. I did find a few cool things the other day that I will take 'befores and afters' of and I will post about them. Have a good night.
    Lee Laurie

  5. I keep telling people if you love your clutter, it's NOT CLUTTER. IT's happy stuff! Just look about in your clutter and know every piece was chosen by you or someone you love to add to your love of stuff. I love fabric. No such thing as too much fabric. If there was such a thing, I would love construction guys. They could build me a new room. For my fabric. See? Solutions all around.

    Great Clutter I might add my dear!!

  6. Dear Tea...

    I want this Tea Service Table! Will you send it to me?

    I KNOW you will 'cause you love me soooo much!

    :) Aren't friends great?

    Love you most...Reb

  7. i always laugh when i read your blog! you sound like you are having so much fun in your land of pink. the tea table is sweet and when i dont have young children i might just have to hunt for one too.
    %*_*% rosey

  8. I love these tables Tanza, and look at all your pretty treasures on it. There are so many things I would love to have, but to start out I need a bigger home. I'm always coming across seeing so many lovely pieces of furniture. Sometimes I buy a piece and try squeeze it in somehow.

    Well have a Blessed Day my friend-

  9. Hi Tea, your table is lovely. Always delight in what you love. Then you will be happy and when you are happy, you make others happy. I have always found this to be so.

    The sun is out here in Florida too. It is soooo beautiful right now...wish it would last all summer.

    Hugs, Barb

  10. What a delicious little table. I saw one at an antique shop once & didn’t buy it-dumb me. I have never found another since. It wasn’t as pretty as yours though. Love all your pink.

  11. OOHHH EEKKSS AHHH!! I LOVE it!!! Super pretty and looks devine in your home!!

  12. I've seen these before, but had no idea what it was....I'm on the hunt for one now!!!! And yours is gorgeous.

  13. YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.........I love it! Another kindred're not a minimalist either! I do so enjoy that look in other gal's homes, but always seem to fill up every bare space in my own. I've tried at least two rid of EVERYTHING and tried to live with the "bare look"......I just couldn't. I started re-filling right away. A while back I mentioned to my husband that it sure would be easier to clean if I got rid of everything......he said "sure, but you can't replace anything".........Mmmmmmmmmm......maybe not such a good idea after all??? :-)

    Blessing you,