Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Award For ME???

Thank you to Candy from Rock Candy for passing along this sweet award to me! I have to tag seven other gals who inspire me with their goes!

Rebecca - A Gathering Place (A Gathering of Thoughts) My Favorite Pink Rose Painter!
Bella Vista-Barb
Eclectic Pink Rose-Teresa
A day at the Cappuccino Cafe-Sue
The Shabby Cottage-Sandy
Rose of Sharon-Sharon
Jacaranda Cottage-Amanda
I'm tryin' to figure out your links!


  1. Oh congrats to you!!! That is so nice to be recognized isn't it. :) I see you have not blogged yet today about "what you did today" in any nook of your home. Surely there are more nooks, yes? Your box is on the way my dear and you should have it hopefully by saturday. I truly hope you love it. THANK YOU SO VERY MUC!!

    As far as going to hilltop... I was fantasizing today as the unpacking was overwhelming me a bit. I thought, where would I like to be at this very moment... and that is where my mind took me. I'll have to settle for Miss Potter in the dvd player. But, glad you would come along if offered!