Wednesday, February 4, 2009

some more treasures...

I had a little more time tonite, so I thought I would show you some of my "doll heads", these are so sweet and feminine..Harder to find now a days, just like so many other vintage finds.. But, it's all in the hunt.. right girls..We'll find them.. They usually are dressed in pretty lace hankies or just pieces of trim.. I scatter these about, The ones I'm sharing are the ones I keep in and on my "Gathering case", from Sweet ~r~, at "A Gathering Place".. Her cases are so Beautiful, and I've yet, to see any that compare to her work.. They're wonderful for all your romantic finds.. I keep folded lace and linens in mine as well, waiting to be graced somewhere in my home..You'll have to visit her for yours.. Have a blessed evening and God Bless you all.. ~t~xo


  1. Sweet Tea...Love it all! I can never find those half dolls anywhere anymore...:(

    Promise to chat with you soon about your background!


  2. Rebecca's cases are to be envied by any true crafter. I had attempted one once and fear I may have given up too soon. I swore if I ever had x amount I didn't know what to do with, to rebecca's I would go!! Lovely lovely cases. Or I'll have to see my own to fruition no matter how long it takes. She inspires me with her talent. Your blessed to have one!