Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pretty store To shop..

Hello to all of you today..
Hope this finds you all well and safe.. I know it's been a crazy weather time for alot of states..and Countries as well.. My prayers and thoughts go out to each of you affected by all of this mess..Today I got out and went to my favorite place to shop again.. Old Towne Orange.. Such a sweet, lovely place to be.. Just a parade of endless stores to say the least.. One of my favorites is "The Victoria&co" ,ever sooo sweet, and Donna the owner is just amazing, her store is filled to the rafters, with yummy, sweet things..She LOVES the color RED, so it's abundant,believe me.. It's quite over-flowing with treasures.. I LOVE pretty clutter, so this is right up my ally..hahaha..I was able to buy some Valentines gifts, all over the place here.. T'was fun..In a couple pictures, you can see the pink and white heart bowls, and sweet pillow from her to me.. LOVE it all.. Had a lovely time, and was soo nice to get out for a bit, in the sunshine, and away from the dreadful news on the tv..That's more than I can bare at times.. Hope you all enjoy the pics, and get a sense of what her cute store is all about... Blessings to each of you this very day. hugs ~tea~xo


  1. I have to admit, I like your things better than this store!! Although, that said, I see some things I wouldn't pass up at a yard sale here!! Oh the wanting of "things"!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Dear Tea...Oh...I remember shopping at Donna's store with you. A sweet, precious memory. I wish I'd been with you today...great day for mingling memories, melting pain.

    Love & Miss you so much! Rebecca

  3. What a sweet Little Store!! Wish we had some like that here!!
    have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thanks for visiting Mandii.. It's a sweet place to go..The owner is soo charming as well.. You have a great week-end as well xxoo
    ~tea girl~