Saturday, February 28, 2009

pretties in the bathroom...

Hello to all you girly-girls..Hope you're all having a fun, relaxing Saturday afternoon.. I spent some time cleaning and rearranging all the pretties, towels, and lace in my bathroom.. It must be about Spring, cuz I've got that cleaning,tear apart everything, going on..I always feel soo good when all is finished.. On, to the next I suppose..I know these aren't the best pictures.. But, I am no photographer.. So, wish I was.. My walls are sagey, and they look dark here.. My wall paper border is draping roses, (of course pink).. Soo, that's why the green.. Hope to share more soon.. Happy Saturday to you all !!! Hugs ~tea~
Forgot to mention, the bottom 2 pics, are pretty lace pieces that I bought, at a pretty store earlier this week...LOVE LOVE all things lacey:):)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I think I have that same Spring Cleaning thing going on. Love love love your rosey, lacey, girly bathroom pretties!!!!

  2. Dear Sweet Tea...

    I always wondered WHERE you put everything you winkled OUT OF ME! :) Now I know!

    You bless me. From day one you have blessed me! You are my inspiration and my FF (forever friend).

    Mr. AGPM and I thank you...

    Rebeccca PS: Hope you LOVE the hand painted pink rosebud background! For you friend, only you! xo

  3. Ooohhh sweet ~r~,
    YES !! I LOVE my new hand painted by sweet you background.. I'm soo excited.. I see "pinky roses" all over the place.. I KNOW heaven is just full of pink roses..Don't you ?! Thank you soo much my sweet pink lovin'friend.. Big hugs ~tea~

  4. What beautiful pictures! I love all your drippy lace! I haven't been hit with the spring cleaning bug yet, but I did really clean the house for my tea last week. I have some vacation time coming up and I might go through my attic then.

    Have an awesome day today!

    :0) Sharon

  5. Everything is so beautiful! I love all of the pink and roses! I really love the little sign you have that says...only by grace. That is so true!

    Lee Laurie

  6. First, LOVE your new background. Much softer and pretty. Second, It's in the the dryer so you'll have to come to my blog later and tell me if you like or want me to do something different. Third, love how pretty your bath is. Now, do you share these rooms with the men in your life or do you have a girly girl house on the back 40 your doing up so sweet? My husband doesn't care what I do as long as he can put his feet up!

  7. Hi Tammy,
    I have to tell you, YES !! My whole home is pretty much girly girl, "sugarey pink".. They're bedrooms, are Boy bedrooms, of course.. The one, my husband sleeps in, is all pink and roses.. As, long as he gets a comfortable bed, and his "lazy boy" chair he's okay.. He's such a manly man too, but doesn't really say much.. poor guy.. He's a good sport !!! love to you.. ~t~