Monday, February 16, 2009

Pink Pretties around..

Hello to all you pink lovin' gals..Just shot some pics to share some pretties with you all.I was packing all my Valentines' stuff away.. Moving things around.. Such work.. Here's a few more things I adore.. You can see my Cindy Ellis rose picket on the wall.. My friend Debbie does the lamps I have, and of course you'll see Rebeccas' stuff everywhere..She paints up the sweetest, vintagey things you can imagine.. Never tire of her stuff..Oh well, I hope your doing well, and hopefully your Valentines' Day was extra special,and very pink and rosey..Blessings to you all..
Hugs ~tea~


  1. I love the sconce on the wall... The single picket with a rose.... and the lunch box!! Just lovely.

  2. hello my newest follower!! thanks for visiting my blog.... yours is to die for. i wish i lived with you!!! your own belongings are just as sweet as all the shops you have posted about. have a happy pink day.
    %*_*% rosey

  3. Hi Tea,

    The sweet Blue bird cage is my favorite!! I love your sweet photos! So beautiful~ Your home is gorgeous!