Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Limoge Haviland Treasures

Hello to you all..Today was a beautiful day in sunny Southern California.. I was able to get out and go to lunch with a couple of girlfriends , to the "Citrus Grille", in Old town Orange Circle,in Orange California..They have such sweet stores all around the towne, and you could easily spend a couple days, actually getting through them all..Being just 5 minutes from there, we take in a few favorites each time we go.. Of course, I have my favorites, and always have to search through them.. Today I was lucky, and brought home a few more pieces of my Haviland dishes.. Some sweet cups and saucers, and lunch plates.. The roses on them, are all a little different, but, go together, no matter what, perfectly..I just LOVE each piece, and they go with all my other pretties.. Notice all my "Rebecca" pieces, among all my favorite dishes..I'm always so thrilled to find such collectibles.. They seem to just "call" out to me..Something else to love and cherish.. Hope all your treasure hunts are going well too.. Such fun !! Blessings and love to you all.. Hugs ~t~xo


  1. I love the little heart pillow in the background. Is it needlepoint or fabric. It's quite pretty.

  2. Hi there Tanza, I'm enjoying all the beautiful treasures you are showing on your posts. For someone just starting out, I think your doing a marvelous job. So great to meet You with all your pretties!!