Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleaned my window today...

Hello to all of you sweet ladies today..Gosh, I was on a roll this afternoon.. It was such a pretty day, It made me want to clean my windows, so I did..I took all my lacey stuff off the rods, and washed,ironed, and rehung everything.. I hang old vintage aprons, and hankies over a cafe rod.. I change them with the seasons, these are the Spring ones up for now..I LOVE to be able to see out, so I only put up light lacey fabrics anyhow.. See, my little lefton bluebirds, I adore them, and mix them all around my home.. They are so sweet and whimsical looking..These are on my window sill, and are my lil' friends.. Okay, more soon, hope all of you had a wonderful,creative day somehow.. hugs for you ~tea~


  1. What a great idea. Hankies. So many wonderful uses for hankies. Your window sparkles. You'll have little birdies on the outside edge flirting with your ceraminc birdies! Fabrics are on the way Tea. I'm so excited to start this for you. Tam

  2. That IS an adorable idea, and what an adorable window! I love it!!!

  3. Your window is beautiful.
    It is so pretty, it would be easy to overlook the need to clean your window. :-)
    Your post reminded me that my kitchen window is way past needing to be cleaned :-(

  4. How sweet are those! Just looking at them would make a girl happy...even when washing a sink full of dishes. Love your blog!

  5. Dear Tanza, I am so glad I found you out. I really do enjoy coming over to see what your up to. The post today is so sweet, it put a big smile on my face just looking out your window. All the lace and the birdies are just adorable. Your a Darling!!

    By the way If you ever want to part with those lace curtains, give me a peep. They are gorgeous!!

  6. Very pretty lace curtains and I adore those sweet bluebirds!!

  7. Oh, looking out your window makes me daydream! It is so pretty! I love the lace curtains and the sweet little bluebirds! I have always loved lace on windows I love how he light shines through them!

  8. Giirrrrl love your whole blog. You live in a pink world, I love pink!!!! Did you paint all this? Thank you so much for visitin' with me at Sugarplum Cottage. Hugs, Rosemarie

  9. Hi Tanza, thanks for your wonderful visit and comment at Bella Vista.

    You are definitely a pink am I.

    So nice to meet you.


  10. Hi Tanza,
    Your Blue Birds are so cute, what sweet faces. Your curtains are beautiful. It is so nice when everything is fresh and clean !

  11. What a cute, fun blog you have here! I love the little birds in the window! They are so sweet!

    Hugs, Sharon

  12. Tanza,
    Vintage aprons & hankies...what a terrific idea! Those little blue birds are so adorable, I'm so jealous!!

    Hmmm, this has made me take a good look at my own windows...I am off to clean!!

    Hope you have a perfectly pink day =)


  13. I'm with you! Love to see the light coming in the windows and love window treatments that assist in making that happen! Yours look so pretty! I too love the Lefton Bluebirds. I have some of the Norcrest bluebirds too!

  14. oh such wonderful treasures...
    %*_*% rosey

  15. your window is beautiful. Is it your kitchen window? What a pretty view. I love those lefton bluebirds. I have a few too. I just stumbled upon your blog. So sweet!

  16. Your blog is beautiful! I enjoyed dropping in! Have a wonderful weekend.